Management Message

Al Sharq Healthcare has been providing compassionate, quality healthcare services for our community for over 20 years under the direction of our highly qualified medical cadre.

We realize the importance of good health and look forward to provide you with convenient quality healthcare, which includes health education. We strive to improve our services to meet your healthcare needs.

We believe that every community has their own healthcare requirements, and we therefore are committed to enhance our services based on the feedback of our valuable customers – our patients. Providing quality, accessible health care is our primary focus as we develop, introduce and implement various programs and deliver several services that keep patients at home.

One of our greatest challenges is acquiring new healthcare technologies that meet the current and future needs of our patients. Our effort to provide quality and affordable healthcare services is ongoing and systematic. Part of that process includes understanding the needs and concerns of the people we serve.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Saleh Al-Sharqi

Vice Chairman – Fujairah National Group
Chairman – Al Sharq Healthcare

Al Sharq Healthcare was founded in 1996, and operates as a subsidiary of Fujairah National Group (FNG), one of the largest commercial diversified groups on the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates. Fujairah National Group was founded in 1982, and now supports 40 companies and more than 4,000 employees across ever major business sector. As part of its long standing connection to Al Sharq Healthcare provides services through Al Sharq Hospital, Al Sharq Medical Center- Al Etihad and Dibba and through sea we supports three distinct Marine Medical companies – Fujairah Port Medical Centre, Fujairah Port Pharmacy and Marine Pharma FZE – the ships medicine supply company.

Al Sharq Healthcare started its operations with the medical center, where we introduced the key OPD clinics for the people of Fujairah. And with its unparalleled services and success, it started another medical center within Fujairah so as to reach to more and broader population.
Within the limited span, the expansion went beyond to City of Dibba, where we started our operations. Dibba is around 60 km away from Fujairah which not only caters its population but also to people of Oman whose border is just distance away from Dibba.

The Vision ultimately was to expand further and launch the hospital which we did in 2012.

Dr.Stuart Bennett

Chief Executive Officer – Al Sharq Healthcare