Dr. Simranjit Bawa

Dr. Simranjit Bawa

Head of the Department
Specialist - Radiologist

Dr. Usha Matele

Dr. Usha Matele

Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Thaha Subair

Dr. Thaha Subair

Specialist - Radiologist



Medical Imaging (Radiology)

Radiology department is another showcase of the very latest, most advanced technology available anywhere in the world coupled with leading clinicians and technical staff. Our open MRI scanner is the best on the market and the only one you’ll find on the east coast, as is our mammography technology. When you think of exceptional quality health care and ultra advanced technology, think of Al Sharq.

The Philips 256 Slices CT scanner is extremely safe and the fastest available. Optiray liquid solution is used for injections, and is warmed to body temperature first for your comfort. A CT recovery area with reclining chair is also provided.

The fully digital, Philips mammography imaging system is the only one on the east coast. Digital images are processed and printed fast, and if you would like to bring along an older film-type x-ray, we can turn it into a digital image.

The department runs with Radiology Information System and connects with SAP, meaning images and results are uploaded almost instantaneously, the Consultant has started reviewing your images before you’ve left the scanning bed/area. The reporting room (where Consultants assess your scans) has the very latest voice recording technology from Philips, so even more time is saved as doctors’ notes are spoken and uploaded to your case file immediately, as opposed to being hand-written.

The MRI technical room has a Philips X-ray machine with the capacity to take full spine imaging.

The main MRI scanner (Philips Panorama) is an open type scanner (great for those with claustrophobia) with a powerful magnetic field capable of an average exam cycle of 20 minutes. With its audio facilities, patients are encouraged to bring in a CD or enjoy one of ours – 3-4 songs and it’s all finished. Again, this is the only Philips Panorama on the east coast and it is the best open machine in the market right now. Pre-op tests include liver & kidney function and allergy tests. We only use non-ionic MRI contrast injections (to help us see clearer images).

For expecting mums, we have a wonderful Philips scanner with live images visible on-screen.

What could be more joyous than that?

The department is fully equipped with a crash cart and defibrillator and everything required for anaesthetization in the event of an emergency.

Clinical Offerings

Open MRI, Panorama 1.0 Tesla

256 Slices CT scanner

Ultrasonography & Doppler scan



Fixed X-ray, Direct Digital Diagnose TH & Mobile X-ray

Fixed Dental, Panoramic and Cephalometrics X-rays

PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System)

XIRIS (Radiology Information System)