Dr. Ammar Al Amir

Dr. Ammar Al Amir

Specialist - Maxillofacial Surgeon
Head of the Department

Dr. Firoz Vellachalil

Dr. Firoz Vellachalil

Specialist - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Mereesha

Dr. Mereesha

Specialist - Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Khaled Majed

Dr. Khaled Majed

General Practitioner - Dentist

Dr. Hadeel Rashad

Dr. Hadeel Rashad

General Practitioner - Dentist


Saturday to Thursday
9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Dentistry / Orthodontist


The dental clinic is under the supervision of specialized doctors responsible for your dental care needs in a warm, ultra-hygienic and welcoming environment. As one would expect from the Al Sharq brand, the technology in the clinic is world class. Dental chairs are comfortable and are equipped with best-in class tools. Hygiene and sterilization are vitally important matters in this clinic, with international standard techniques being adopted at all times. A great smile is life enhancing, which is why even the most routine treatments are performed with perfection.


Full mouth and dental examinations are carried out using an intra-oral camera and digital x-rays as part of our comprehensive assessment procedure, which leads to coherent treatment plans being devised resulting in happy smiles.

We treat and restore carious teeth (those with cavities) using minimally invasive procedures and composite fillings with the most up-to-date and highly aesthetic materials, at the same time considering the periodontium health. Treatment of teeth sensitivity, which is a common complaint, is achievable with the right treatment plan.

Treatment of the pulp of infected teeth that utilizes new techniques in this field, such as Rotary Instruments – an endo treatment unit that decreases the number of x-ray exposures required. In addition, using a digital x-ray unit decreases radiation exposure by more than 90%. Using laser in treatment of necrotic canals during RCT increases the prognosis of a variety of cases.

We aim to give our patients who seek a new look, total confidence with bright white teeth using bleaching. We utilize various techniques such as laser and Zoom, which can also be carried out in the office or at home. Patients, who have chipped, spaced, or discolored teeth can enjoy a Hollywood smile! We discuss and explain all of our procedures to our patients in detail, including using porcelain crowns and bridges, as well as veneers.

Other cosmetic procedures include
  • Teeth jewellery
  • Gum contouring
  • Gum depigmentation (bleaching)

Maintaining good oral hygiene and having healthy gingivae for all patients is our concern. Patient education, motivation and maintenance are the keywords of our treatments. Scaling and polishing regularly will decrease incidence of periodontitis. More invasive procedures, like deep curettage and root planning are other treatments we perform for certain patients to preserve the bone level and stop diseases progressing.

Extractions of hopeless teeth and minor oral surgeries such as preprosthetic are carried out in the clinic. We use minimally invasive procedures in some instances, such as utilizing laser technology which is more comfortable and can speed up the healing process.

Replacing missing teeth, constructing fixed prosthesis (e.g crowns and bridges), removable prosthesis and crowns for root canal treated teeth. Cementing high quality posts (ceramic screws inside treated canals) in a badly broken tooth can make it stronger and increase the lifetime of the tooth.

Taking care of your child’s oral hygiene is our goal and establishing good oral hygiene at an early age is our challenge. Your child will find his/her visit to our clinic a great experience. Primary teeth have a significant role in life so, in order to maintain their integrity, we perform:

  • Composite fillings
  • Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy (pup treatment)
  • Preventive fillings, pit and fissure sealants
  • Stainless steel crowns
  • Space maintainers
  • Extractions
  • Fluoride gel application

We provide specialist treatment for young children and those with special needs under general anesthesia.

Patient education, fluoride application, fissure sealants, preventive resin restorations and other procedures are carried out in order to increase public oral health awareness and decrease the incidences of oral diseases.

Our specialist oral surgeon will replace your missing teeth using implants after a full examination and discussing the treatment plan with you.

Other services performed in the surgical clinic include:

  • Surgical extraction of uninterrupted teeth (wisdoms)

Our orthodontic specialist will help solve your malocclusion problems in the shortest duration and at reasonable costs.

Our specialist treats:

  • Cl I malocclusion
  • Cl II malocclusion
  • Cl III malocclusion
  • Interceptive treatment

Laser dentistry is advantageous to your treatment, as recovery times are much faster, there is less stress and it’s low pain alternative.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Prevents painful inflammation
  • Less need for analgesics and antibiotics
  • Avoids additional and costly treatments
  • Prevents unpleasant pressure, noise and vibrations

Examples of laser procedures that can speed up recovery:

  • Frenulectomies of the lips and tongue are performed without bleeding and are less painful
  • Aggressive germs and bacteria in the root canal are reduced thoroughly, and so gently that you won’t even notice it
  • Germs and bacteria in affected gingival pockets are removed gently, reliably and safely
  • Herpes and aphthae viruses are killed systematically and are almost pain-free, resulting in improved healing
  • OPG
  • Cephalometric